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Marketing & Travel Designer

Athletic development, entrepreneurship, coaching and traveling

Finding new ways and developing new and advanced ideas has been a passion of mine since I remember.
For many years I have had the luxury of traveling around and working with people from all over the world, before as an international level athlete and later as an athletic developer for many professional athletes and Icelandic national karate team head coach. Martial arts is not only a passion of mine, but a deeply embedded lifestyle and living by those rules have been the backbone of my life.

Everything we do is about service, especially when you work at the top; being able to share ideas and knowledge to the people that work with you becomes an absolute must. With the ability to see people as equals we grow together and meaningful relationships are formed through trust and respect.

Entrepreneurship has also been a deep passion, I have taken part in many exciting projects that have had a deep personal impact, all from land and housing development programs, to short-film and editing production.

Now, the excitement about Iceland has reached a global scale, let´s share it together! Keep in touch!

Kristín Óðinsdóttir

Kristín Óðinsdóttir is the head travel planner at Exclusive Travel. Her hands-on experience having worked as a guide around all the most popular areas as well as the most remote locations comes in handy when she works with clients to create the perfect personal experience each time. She has worked as a Luxury Travel Planner for years with over a 1000 customised programs under her belt. She is known for her efficiency, her high standards when it comes to providing service to clients and her burning passion for traveling in Iceland. The mix of her authenticity and utter professionalism will make the planning process effortless and very pleasant.

Head travel planner
Phone +3547787711

Alli Möller

Head Tour Guide & Professional Photographer


I have worked as a photographer and movie maker since 1994. But from the year 2008, I have worked in the tourist industry along with making movies.

I have worked as a full-time tour guide since 2013 which I consider to be the most enjoyable job in the whole world.
I am looking forward to showing you my country and to photograph you in our beautiful nature.

Guide (2013 – present)
Traveling as well as a photographer
2008 – 2010 office and marketing work for a travel agency.
2004 – 2015 Filmmaking
1997 – 2001 Own and run a Lifestyle fitness center

My passion is to travel and I have visited more than 70 countries in all continents of the world except for Antarctica

Photographing guide
Landscape photographer
First aid certification from the Red Cross of Iceland

Instagram: @lifestyle.is Facebook




Halldór Kolbeins

I have been working as a professional photographer in Iceland for well over two decades, where I have traveled intensively to each and every corner to capture Iceland´s breath-taking landscapes. My admiration for the ever-changing nature came as a natural thing since I grew up in northern and west Iceland, where the sunsets were intense and the northern lights totally unspoiled from the city lights. So for me, photography and travel came as a natural call.
Already in 2002, I took the necessary licenses in order to work with my then colleague Ingolfur, driving tourists and journalist around the island in Land Rovers. Over the years it has added up to a large list of media as well as leisure travelers that I have had a great pleasure to introduce to my home country, including major media names like National Geographic.


Tour Guide & Professional Snowmobile Driver

I have worked as a full time tour guide since 2016 and I love my job.

Guide for Exclusive Travel (2016 – present)
2005 – 2016 Air Atlanta

My passion is to travel, I worked for many years for an airline I have had the opportunity to travel and live al lover the world.

Snowmobile guide
Super Jeep driver
First aid certification from the Red Cross of Iceland






Travel Designer